Physical Therapy Association of Thailand (PTAT) has vision to further Thai Physical therapists to build the wellness society with movement sciences for people of all ages.

The most important part of our mission is to advocate for Thai physical therapists by supporting our members with information, expertise, and services.  We are committed to developing the physical therapy professional practice and improving the health of Thai people. PTAT is the national professional organization for Thai physical therapists and this organization is devoted to helping Thai people to access the quality physical therapy services.

PTAT was established since 1973, as a legal non-profit organization representing physical therapy professions in Thailand. From the beginning, we engage and empower our members to play an important role in the health care team as a strong collective force for improving the health of people throughout their lifespan. We serve as the knowledge-sharing center to support the continued growth and success of our members. Our association holds the integrity and keeps the credibility of the profession by promoting the quality and standard of physical therapy practice and education. We endorse the ethical practice of the physical therapy practitioners to be dependable for people in Thai society. In unison, we resolve the obstacles hindering the professional practice as well as protect the right of the physical therapy profession. Cooperated with other organizations both in Thailand and international agencies, we commit to excel in the duty of our mission.

Our strategies

  1. Promote the excellent Physical Therapy profession.

  2. Encourage the movement experts together with leadership and lifelong learning skills in physical therapists.

  3. Develop administration, service, research, and data management systems.

  4. Develop the system and mechanism to promote quality of life of Thais with evidence-based practice.

  5. Develop the system and mechanism to raise public awareness, communicate with peoples and other organizations.