Physiotherapy Collaboration - Mannual Therapists

Further to reviewing your website, we take the opportunity to introduce our Institution, Al Salam International Hospital (SIH) is the oldest private hospital since 1964; it hosts a multitude of medical and surgical specialties utilizing international healthcare standards, in fulfilling its mission, ensures the acquisition of the latest medical technology and practices provides continuing education programs to its staff and undertakes a total quality management program. The hospital is of 185 beds capacity and hosts a multitude of medical and surgical specialties staffed by highly qualified, trained clinical and nonclinical workforce as multi-cultural organization.

SIH is seeking the following to establish a business relationship and to develop a Center of Excellence for Physiotherapy/Rehab with emphasis on Musculoskeletal pain. The initial start of the collaboration would require one female and male physiotherapists with extensive experience of seven years plus in manipulative and musculoskeletal therapy. We ask you to place on your website for potential interested musculoskeletal and manual therapists male and female willing to work in Kuwait.

The concept of the collaboration between your Institution and our Hospital, is summarized hereunder:

  1. Revenue generated from the work conducted by the one physiotherapist will be split on 50/50 basis.
  3. The duration of the visit will be open with 3 months trial phase from both Parties once comfortable with moving forward to form final Agreement.
  5. CV of physiotherapist would need to be forwarded to the undersigned for the processing of work permit and visas etc.
  7. The MOU will be drafted once both Parties agree on formalizing the collaboration at end of the three months.
  9. The above will be subject to passing written and oral interview with the Ministry of Health.
  11. Ticket to Hospital for the initial interview with the Ministry of Health will be arranged by the Hospital.
  13. Once the above passed and three month have been concluded, a final draft of contract will be prepared.

Kind regards,

Ms. Hala Abo Doma

Business Development Manager

Al Salam International Hospital

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